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For further questions about the NEDS Preceptorship Program or Mentorship Opportunities, please contact the NEDS Administrator, Gayle Sommer at or 781-434-7731.

Please Consider Volunteering as a Preceptorship Mentor!

1.         Active NEDS physician members, whether in a hospital, clinic or private practice setting as well as dermatology program faculty, are invited to serve as a NEDS Preceptorship Mentor.

Note:  Given the impact of the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic, flexibility has been added to this Program. This includes an option to delay the project until the 2022-2023 academic year (depending on the anticipated graduation date of the Resident) and support of  remote projects and virtual relationships between mentors and mentees. 

Note:  Faculty mentors should be affiliated with an institution other than the applicant's home institution

2.      If interested, please complete our short interest survey to describe potential areas of mentorship.

  You can complete our interest survey at any time:

PLEASE NOTE:  Resident Deadline to submit a Year 2 (2021-2022)  application is January  1, 2021. 

Link to Mentorship Survey:

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