Book Awards

The New England Dermatological Society will award a book to any dermatology resident at a member institution who satisfies the following requirements:

1. The resident is a first author of a report based on a case presented at a meeting of the New England Dermatological Society.

2. The report is accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed journal within two years of the meeting and contains language indicating that the “case was presented at a meeting of the New England Dermatological Society at (institution) on (date).” 

3. The resident supplies the Society’s Secretary with a copy of the final journal acceptance letter and a receipt for the purchased book. The Society will then award the recipient with a gift certificate in the amount of $500 for the purchase of a medical book.


Case of The Year Award

The Case of the Year Award is given to the best clinical case presented during the academic year.  Five hundred dollars is awarded to the winning residency training program’s educational fund.

The Century Scholar Award is given to the dermatology resident or trainee rotating in their dermatology rotation who wrote up the case. He or she is given a $500 Amazon gift card toward the purchase of books. In addition, if the case is accepted for presentation at a conference and the trainee travels to present it, $500 dollars will be given to that trainee to help with travel expenses. The write up must specify that the case was presented at a New England Dermatological Society Conference and the case must be accepted within two years to receive the travel funding.

 For further details on the program, please contact Jennifer Huang, MD, NEDS Secretary at

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